OBAMA Approval Rating Below 50% – A Blog is born!


We knew in 2008 that Barack Obama was not the right man for the job.  That’s why we secured the domain names “ANYONE BUT OBAMA 2012” and “ABO2012” et al.  Our friends asked – “What are you going to do with these domains?”  After a few head scratches, we said:

 “When Obama’s approval rating slips below 50% that will be our signal that we are headed in the wrong direction – we will start a blog to get the word out that America deserves better leadership and it starts at the top.”

 That day came sooner than we thought.  We planned on at least two years from the high of 69% back in January 2009, but here we are early 2010 and the below 50% rating just will not go away (See Pollster.com).  So – A blog is born!

 If we were headed in the right direction, wouldn’t the polls show it?  Wouldn’t Obama’s approval rating be well north of 65%-70%?  We dare not mention Congress – abysmal. Ask yourself, whether you approve or not, – What has happened here? Are the pollsters lying to us?  Are they only polling Republicans? Is there a conspiracy to make him look bad?

 The bottom line is America is tired of broken promises, ineffective leadership, a growing deficit, double digit unemployment, and just Washington in general.  We need a leader that will work across all party lines to move America forward; not create resentment by forcing partisan ideological programs and legislation on the country.

 God help Obama for trying to do the right thing.  It’s not an easy job and he is never going to please everyone – but if you’re south of 50% wake up and smell the roses.  You’re headed in the wrong direction!  Stop and think about it.  You can’t just please the Democrats/Liberals or you will pay for it down the road. We will all pay for it.

Only 2 presidents since Gallup started tracking in 1938 have overcome a less than 50% mid-term approval rating and won re-election (data360.org).  Reagan in 1984 thanks to “Reaganomics” and Bill Clinton in 1996 thanks to a strong growing economy and Bob Dole. If Obama’s term stays the course with a weak economic recovery, high unemployment, and continued partisanship across the country the re-election defeat trend will continue and it should.

 Here is your opportunity Mr. President.  Get it right or 2012 will be a recall – “ANYONE” will be better.


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2 Responses to OBAMA Approval Rating Below 50% – A Blog is born!

  1. well, what do you consider the right direction?
    Would it be reaganomics? If so, Obama’s poll numbers are about the same as Reagan’s were at this point in his administration.
    Or maybe you mean the longest economic growth the country has ever seen under Clinton. Again, he too had about the same ratings this far into his first term.
    Further, just out, most economists are now saying the economy has turned around. And the latest polls show more blue electoral votes than red if an election were held today.
    So… um. good luck with that. Glad to be your first commenter.

    • abo2012 says:

      TCL –If we can call you that for short…Thanks for the first post! You will always have the honor for as long this blog lives.

      Hmmm…Reaganomics – a conservative’s wet dream. I think you have inspired a future post. We’re thinking something like “Obama, Reid, and Pelosi summon economic witch doctor to save the economy! – Voodoo economics are reborn and Reagan leads the charge!”

      We won’t profess to be economist because we’re not. Our point is that Reagan had a plan and the plan worked for that point in time. Like Obama, Reagan inherited an economy that was in a downward spiral. Reagan built his plan on four pillars:

      1. Reduce government spending,
      2. Reduce income and capital gains marginal tax rates,
      3. Reduce government regulation of the economy,
      4. Control the money supply to reduce inflation.

      All of which he delivered on. The result? Reagan achieved one of the longest economic expansions in history. GDP grew at a rate of 8.5% average for five straight quarters and the economy screamed back to life. The benefit for Reagan was a blow out of Walter Mondale in the 1986 election and an approval rating that hit above 70% at its peak. We would have to admit that the deficit got out of control and neither Reagan or George Bush was able to put in place policies that controlled it. Result Bush lost to Clinton.

      As for Clinton, the accomplishments fit the results. Clinton was all about fiscal responsibility and his policies and results proved it. He too had a plan and executed on that plan and achieved astounding results. Clinton also benefited from a huge influx of baby boomers into the work place and the dot com boom that helped drive the economy and increased tax revenues. The result – even though his moral tryst was a disgrace he whipped Bob Dole – although we think anybody could have beat Bob Dole.

      Obama’s policies are vague at best. From the White House website http://www.whitehouse.gov/issues/economy his policies are:

      1. Creating Jobs
      2. Keeping Americans in their homes.
      3. Bringing Stability to Financial Markets

      Not sure where the beef is here. Considering the country just experienced one of the greatest economic down turns in history, this doesn’t seem like the plan we need to get back to where we were or need to be. Sure the economy is “Stabilizing”, but is it turning around? And can you credit Obama or natural cycles in the economy?

      2% to 3% growth is not going to bring back the millions of lost jobs and restore prosperity to those affected by the last two years. We need real change, real direction, and real leadership.

      Once again thanks for the reply.


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